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Kenya Safari Packages

Safari packages in Kenya

Safari in Kenya starting from Nairobi to Serena Mountain Lodge, a Tree hotel perched on the slopes of Mount Kenya, for night game viewing, the spectacular birdlife, majestic scenery of the Great Rift Valley lakes and one of Kenya’s finest game reserves – Masai Mara.


Holiday in Kenya for a safari to Samburu National Reserve, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara. Drive north through the lush foothill, tea and coffee plantations to Mount Kenya to Serena Mountain Lodge, your new safari home. Here in the night, animals come to the floodlit water hole. This is pure theatre and a great memory for on your vacation in Kenya.

Safari Camping in Aberdares National Park

Your holiday in Kenya peaks in Aberdares National Park. For the first of many game-watching experiences in Africa, Aberdare presents a memorable camping experience where have a clear view of the Big Five at one venue. Admiring the glistening cap of snow on the dormant volcano of Mount Kenya before heading to Samburu National Reserve.
Samburu Safari Camping

Samburu is situated in the hot and arid fringes of Kenya’s vast Northern Frontier District. Against a backdrop of volcanic mountains, gaunt hills and withered scrub trees punctuate the sparse and moist-less terrains with clusters of the incredibly hardy desert roses providing occasional flashes of vivid colours.


Fly-in safari Samburu or Mara or Amboseli
In addition to the big five viewed on a Kenya tour, the harsh and arid plains of Samburu National Reserve are home to certain species of game which are unique in Kenya to the northern parks; the long-necked gerenuk.
The harsh and arid plains of Samburu National Reserve are home to certain species of game which are unique in Kenya to the northern parks.


Mount. Kenya –  Naru Moru Route
This is one of the most straightforward routes. You will enjoy trekking this route while on your safari in Kenya. Listen to the stillness of this monument during your Africa safari. The spectacular sceneries lay before you while the chirping of the birds and other creatures fills the air with the sounds of African wilds.

Of the three routes, this is one of the most scenic but also the longest to point Lenana. You will enjoy the beauty of alpine vegetation the whole way. It is also the driest of the three main routes and once you reach Mackinders Valley it becomes much easier.


Samburu National Reserve

After morning breakfast, depart for Samburu National Reserve, driving through plantations of fields of Timau, crossing the thorny landscape of Samburu country. Pay attention to the presence of unique species such as Grevy’s Zebra, the long-necked Gerenuk, among the wildlife that shares this semi-arid habitat. Dinner and overnight Sarova Shaba lodge. Spend the day exploring the reserve and its varied species of game. Overnight at Sarova Shaba Lodge.

Lake Nakuru

Leave after breakfast and drive past the northern tip of the Aberdare Mountains to descend into the Great Rift Valley where Lake Nakuru is located. Visit the world-famous bird sanctuary of Lake Nakuru National Park. Lunch and overnight at Lake Nakuru Lodge.

Menengai Crater-Lake Naivasha

After breakfast, leave Lake Nakuru National Park for trekking Menengai Crater, a 30 minutes drive from the park. The trek will take 2 hours to the crater top. Take your time there and when ready to go down, you head back to the van. You will leave Nakuru town and head to
Lake Naivasha, and check-in at Lake Naivasha Country Club/ or equivalent. Lunch at the hotel and in the afternoon take a boat ride to crescent Island to walk among the wildlife in the Island.

Masai Mara Safari

Driving across the Great Rift Valley reaches Kenya’s most famous Game Reserve, Masai Mara, in time for lunch. Spend days exploring the rolling hills and plains for a chance to spot black-maned lion, elephant, leopard, cheetah, and buffalo along with varied species of hoofed animals. Enjoy a full day exploring the magnificent Masai Mara National Reserve. Optionally, leave the lodge with picnic meals and spend more time out with wildlife. Dinner and overnight accommodation at Mara Simba lodge.

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