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Mount Kenya Trekking Tours

Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya lies in the central highlands a couple of hundred km north of the Equator mark. The mountain is located 180m north of Nairobi City and can be seen from high-rise buildings in Nairobi. The mountain is an extinct volcano, which formed a few million years. Mount Kenya is a typical equatorial mountain whose highest peak is covered with glaciers.

Mount Kenya National Park is located Nyeri district, central province. The Wildlife Service maintains and manages the park. The park covers an area of 700 sq km. The rugged landscape features alpine, sub-alpine, moorland and tundra flora comprising of several giant species. Mount Kenya has very appealing scenery punctuated by glacier lakes, tarns and peaks, rare bird varieties and wildlife, natural mineral springs and a mountain forest with high altitude game.

Mount Kenya Vegetation

At 3000-3500m, the area is generally open and dotted with shrubs: African sage, protea and helichrysum. There is also a wide variety of alpine and sub-alpine flora to be found on the lower slopes where rainfall is plentiful.

Wildlife at Mount Kenya

Wildlife consists of fauna like Elephants, black-rhino, giant forest hog, tree hyrax, white-tailed mongoose, lion, Bongo, Bushbuck, Leopard and over 130 bird species.
Plantlife involves several giant species such as moorland and Alpine pastures. Some rare and unusual bird species for sighting by the birders include the purple-throated cuckoo and the red-fronted parrot. A number of raptors are commonly spotted along with the very rare lammergeyer, or bearded vulture.

Mount Kenya Trekking

Being the second highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kenya stands tall at a whopping 5199m above sea level and Situated 16km south of the equator. This mountain in Central Kenya Highlands is within the Mt Kenya National Park and is among the most beautiful landscapes in entire Africa. With three mountain peaks i.e., the Batian, the Nelion and the Lenana providing the perfect backdrop for a fun and adventurous Kenyan mountain vacation.

Mt Kenya Trekking Routes

1. The Naro Moru Route – this offers the easiest and fastest ascent although there are some steep sections.
2. The Sirimon Route is known for giving nature lovers the opportunity to see monkeys, lizards, antelopes and other wildlife
3. The Chogoria Route – this is the most scenic and has the best adventurous hikes on Mount Kenya.
4. The Burguret Route – this is considered one of the toughest climbs with much forest trekking

Best time to trek Mount Kenya

The best months for climbing Mount Kenya are January – February and August – September. Climbers coming from the lowlands, it may take them a few days to acclimatise to the higher elevation of the mountain topography.

Accommodation for Mount Kenya Treks

At the base and all around the mountain are several famous accommodation options such as the Naro Moru River LodgeMount Kenya Safari ClubOutspanTreetops LodgeMountain Lodge Bantu and many others. Tourists who are unwilling to climb the mountain often visit the hotels for sight, comfortable accommodations, fresh air and serenity.

Mount Kenya Attractions

-Rugged landscape features.
-Mountain Kenya.
-Fauna; Bongo, Bushbuck, Leopard
-Birds; over 130 bird species

Safari Activities at Mount Kenya

-Nature walks
Open: daily, 6:00am-7:00pm including public holidays.
Note: Entry is allowed on foot.
Visitors will not be allowed entry after 6:15 pm.
Entry is by cash paid at the park entrance in Kshs or US$.
No smartcard required at present.

How to get to Mount Kenya

By Air: There is an Airstrip at park headquarters or via Nanyuki Airstrip
By Road: A 2 WD vehicle is suitable for specific dry seasons; however; a 4WD is ideal all year through.
From Nairobi travel north-east to Thika, Karatina and Nyeri.13km before Nyeri turn right towards Kiganjo and Naro Moru (15km) Moru is 17km from Naro Moru gate.

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Mount Kenya Trekking Tours

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