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Kenya Birding Safaris

Birding Safaris in Kenya

Birding in Kenya is in a class of its own. Kenya boasts over 1000 bird species lies on the equator. Seasons like ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ have no meaning, only wet and dry. The absence of these extreme climatic changes gives rise to the best home for birds. Tranquil Safaris introduces you to the National Parks and Reserves of Kenya.

These reserves form various habitats, from Highland forests and afro-alpine moorlands, Savannah, Lakes, forests to Desert and semi-desert surroundings. Depending on the time you have and your interests, they will be included in your birding in Kenya package.

Best time for Birding safaris in Kenya

Bird watching is good all year round in Kenya. The rainy seasons of April and November coincide with the migration of birds from and to Europe and Asia, and some of the top day’s totals have been recorded at that time.

Birding Guides

Tranquil Safaris have excellent birding guides that offer perfectly tailored birding tours when they accompany you on your safari. They provide additional insights about the birds as well as guiding services that will broaden your boost your enjoyment. We recommend your use of our local bird guides for your birding safari.

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