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Mount Elgon has been branded a great blessing for Uganda which has been crowned as the Pearl of Africa. Just as the Rwenzori Ranges (Mountains of the Moon) in the west; so lies Mount Elgon (The Mountain of the Sun) in the East. Both of them were positioned by geographical processes in a wonderful way.

Mount Elgon is positioned approximately 100 km northeast of Lake Victoria and straddles the border of Uganda and Kenya. The International boundary is marked by the Suam and Lwakaka Rivers, and the beacon on Sudek Peak. Administratively, the Mountain falls in two districts (in Uganda), Kapchowra District to the north and Mbale District to the South.
The great Mount Elgon is a place of rich biodiversity with both flora and fauna. The fauna includes the blue and golden monkeys whereas the flora includes plant species such as the Elgon teak, the giant Lobelia which makes it a magnificent place to be.

This one is also swampy with a diversity of bird species, kites, Owls and others. Singing sweetly in the bushes and displaying their mating and breeding styles. Down the slopes runs a number of tripping streams and rivers which have a wonderful waterfall such as the Sip Falls and Chebonet Falls. On the sides of the Riverbanks lie flung trees of different species such as Eucalyptus, pine trees, Mvule and flowering plants which have provided a habitat for birds, butterflies and bees.

The Mountain range provides a good scenic beauty-enhancing scenic views, mountain climbing cool climate, the bamboo vegetation which serves as a delicacy, mushrooms.

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• Mountain hiking tours
• birding safaris
• Sippi Falls Tour
• Cave Exploration
• Wildlife Safari

Therefore, the beautiful landscape which provides both scenic viewing and viewpoints such as the Wagagai as also enables you to see the plains of Teso land further makes it a great destination. You can afford not to miss. Be there and discover the Eden of the East.


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