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Kenya Vacation Packages

Vacation packages in Kenya

Kenya is a great vacation destination where all the vacation excitement any traveller may desire is compressed in one country. The unique attractions that the country is endowed with make it an ideal vacation destination for even the most adventurous. The beautiful scenery, cool inviting climate, lush vegetation, hospitable people, and amazing biodiversity as well as the birdlife, make Kenya an authentic vacation safari destination and a right choice to spend an African vacation.

Vacations in Kenya are dominantly adventurous tours. The country’s breathtaking scenery and overwhelming wildlife overlap as the best menus in Kenya vacation Packages. They have a unique touch to offer that a perfect adventure vacation trip would call for. Spending your African vacation in the country you will certainly enable explore all the beauty Kenya boasts of. Tranquil Africa highlights the best vacations options in Kenya that should rejuvenate you.

Beach Vacations

Kenya is one striking nation that is awe-inspiring with appealing beaches. If you are thinking of taking a beach holiday in Kenya, you will not regret having your holiday vacations here in Kenya. A vacation to Kenya beaches of Malindi, Mombasa and Lamu Island and the Indian Ocean should be exceptional. They have an abundance of sun, white sand beaches and food. You will have fun swimming in the calm warm waters of the Indian Ocean if you choose to.

Lamu Island Vacations

In Kenya, vacation Islands of Lamu is the best spot for an Island vacation. This ancient Island is largely known for ivory and slave trade which flourished here; however, it is an idyllic retreat for several vacationers who seek peace and privacy. It is also popular to the newly wedded.

Birding Vacations

Much as there is numerous birding destination in Africa, Kenya remains one of the most popular destinations on the continent for a bird watch adventure vacation. Even most Kenya tour operators offer some kind of bird watching safaris only differing on duration. Several specialist bird watching extravaganzas are arranged in Mount. Kenya, the rift valley lakes, Kakamega forest reserve, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara national reserve, Lake Victoria as well as other Kenya bird inhabited destinations. A staggering bird count of around 1,100 species represents Kenya as one of Africa’s, if not the world’s best birding holiday destinations. You may not wish to miss Lake Nakuru for its famous carpets of pink and white flamingos. Equally, take an enjoyable journey to Lake Naivasha.

Wildlife Vacations

Most vacations in Kenya entail safaris to wildlife parks. As a darling and admired destination for nature’s lovers, your vacation tour should start with a visit to nature’s gifts- the national parks. Kenya national parks are a must-visit with a rich wildlife populace.

Kenya is famed because of its vast amount of wildlife concentrated in just 19 wildlife sanctuaries. The Masai Mara National Reserve is undoubtedly the most famous of National Park in Kenya renowned for the annual spectacular wildebeest migrations. During this event are other exciting events such as the hunting of predators upon the wildebeest herds. Other Wildlife great vacation destinations are Lake Nakuru National Park, Marsabit National Park, Meru National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, Mount Elgon National Park, Ruma National Park and Tsavo National Parks.

Mt Kenya Trekking Vacations

Mt. Kenya offers the best spot for hiking in Kenya. At a height of 5,199m, Mt Kenya is Africa’s second-highest standing mountain. Observing the Mountain from its basement can be a great experience in itself, trekking the Mountain offers the ultimate moment. The trek usually takes between 4-6 days and is a very rewarding experience for a vacation in Kenya. Sirimon route is one of the most poplar trekkers’ routes. Relax at Mt. Kenya Safari Club.

Other vacation options in Kenya;

Adventure Vacations to the Great Rift Valley and Lake Victoria

Cultural Tours: Nairobi National Museum is a good place to learn more about Kenya’s history and culture.


Kenya Vacations offer both luxurious and medium types of accommodation for your vacation. As you plan your Kenya vacation, you will discover an endless list of hotels and lodges to choose from. These classic hotels offer a delightful mix of warm friendliness fitted with world-class facilities to ensure your pleasant stay.

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