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Kenya Safari Holidays

Safari Holidays in Kenya

Welcome to Africa’s Wilderness Cream!
 safaris offer the visitors an opportunity to experience a natural world unbothered by the changing face of time. The Kenyan wilderness is home to an infinite range of ecosystems, the staging ground for natural cycles of life, death and regeneration as old as the planet itself. Kenya Safaris is another true African voyage into nature in its origin boasting with richness in nature.

Masai Mara Safari Kenya Tour
Perhaps one of the most popular national parks in Africa and tops the list in Kenya. Don’t miss the migration safari where wildebeest and Zebra migrate. See the elephants, buffaloes, lions, hippos and the Masai culture.
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Lake Nakuru Safari
A true birders dream where huge flocks of the flamingos spread over the shallow lake made of soda. Find other bird species as well as the lion, white rhino, giraffe, hippo and Ostrich.
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Mount Kenya Safari
Trekking or call it mountain climbing is done here. This amount is the second highest peak in Africa. It’s not hard to reach its peak. Scenic viewing is great here, spectacular lakes, springs with minerals and also forests.
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Amboseli Safari Tour
The concentration of over fifty mammal species and various bird species of about 400 in number. Animals vary from herds of elephants, hippo families, the cat family of leopards and cheetahs all with spectacular breathtaking views of the Kilimanjaro.
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Tsavo Safari
Here you have both the Tsavo east and west. Its home to the big five safari animals includes the lion, elephants, hippos and other animals.
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Aberdare Safari Tour Kenya
The highest park in Africa with most of its plateau above an altitude of 3000m. See the rhino, black leopard, bong and other forest animals and birds.
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Nairobi National Park Safaris
A well-kept sanctuary for the endangered black rhino, over 400 bird species.More information on Nairobi Tour

Shimba Hills National Reserve
The park is renowned for its endangered Sable Antelope, for this reason, it has been referred to as the “last retreat of the Sable Antelope.
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Ruma Park Safari
The park is located in Homa Bay district, Nyanza province, about 425 sq km, West of Nairobi, 23km south-west of Homa bay, 10kms East of Lake Victoria.
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Mount Elgon Tour Kenya
Another climbing safari, information and trekking activities.
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Meru and Kora Park Tour
The two sister parks are the most geographically diverse parks in Kenya, utterly unspoilt; ideal for wildlife experts and safari professionals.
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Marsabit National Park Safari
The park is located in Marsabit district, Eastern province; 560 km north of Nairobi. It was gazetted in 1962.
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Malindi Marine National Reserve
The park is located 118 km north of Mombasa, near Malindi on Kenya’s north coast.
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Chyulu Hills Park
The park is located in Makueni district, Eastern province and Kajiado District, Rift valley province…

Kisite Mpunguti Safari
The park is located in Kwale district, cost province; 550 km from Nairobi and 120km from Mombasa

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