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Conference Facilities in Kenya

A vast majority of Kenya hotels offer an extensive range of conference facilities. The hotels are purpose-designed for executive retreats, business meetings, banquets and conferences. Conducting business at these hotels ensures that you do so in the perfect style.
Most of these conference and meeting complexes are equipped with the latest sophisticated technical facilities to match the present world demands; Services including internet accessibility, secretarial services, audiovisuals rental wireless technology are available.
Some also offer satellite teleconferencing facilities. The fully-equipped, private meeting rooms and conference rooms offer the perfect blend of efficiency and convenience. Some of them include;

Agha Khan Pavilion
3rd parklands Ave, Nairobi
Mobile: 0722 786909
Tel: 020 3747902

Kenyatta international conference
City Hal way, Nairobi
Telefax: 020 310223

Plaza Beach Hotel
North Coast, Bamburi Beach, Mombasa
Fax: 041 548325
Mobile: 0722 781781
Tel: 041 5485321
Email: infoplazabeach.co.ke

Serena hotels
Williamson Hse 4th fl, 4th Ngong Ave
Fax: 020 271810
Tel: 020 271077/8
Email: cro@serena.co.ke

The conference Centre
Palacina Residential Hotel
Kitale Lane off Deniss Pritt road
Kitale lane
Tel: 020 2715517/8
Email: palacina@form-net.com
Website: www.palacina.com

Hemingways Resort
Fax 042 32256
Tel 042 32624

Coral key beach resort hotel & conference centre
Fax: 042 30715
Tel: 042 30717
Email: info@coralkeymalindi
Website: www.Coralkeymalindi.com

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