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Art & Crafts in Kenya

Just like every country world over has its own culture and tradition, similarly, every country has different forms of arts; and Kenya is non-exceptional. Art and Crafts not only gives identity to its people but also depicts a deep connection with its history, tradition and culture. Kenya is a land of people with different cultural background, religion as well as ethnicity.
The art forms and the craft works of Kenya have received immense popularity among people. For time immemorial the Kenyan art forms have attracted the attention of travellers across the world and they are interested to know more on this subject. Kenyan art form delights an elegance of its own and most locally made art and crafts pieces have always been impressive attractions to foreign artists.

Background of Art and Crafts in Kenya

Modern forms of art came to Kenya after the end of the colonial period. But before colonial times, the art of carving existed throughout Kenya to produce both functional and decorative items especially for traditional functions.
The country has recently established a name as a home for bohemian expatriate artists, and there are many international artists living and working here. Kenya exemplifies the country’s history of adornment and decoration which is still a vividly influential tradition among Kenyans.
Graphical art
 in Kenya has a much less defined history. There are certain traditions in design and representation derived from rock art patterns, but also considerable influence from the coast. Textile design and decorative art throughout the coast created strong Swahili designs from Middle Eastern roots. Art carving on the coast was centred on Lamu Island, where the local Bajun tribe is believed to have influenced Arab craftsmen to create a unique hybrid of styles.
As a campaign to promote more handicrafts in the country, an independent trust –Kuona Trust has been set up at the National Museum to encourage and give confidence to Kenyan artists as well as help them in marketing their Craft products.

Kenya Arts and Craftworks may range from decorative arts, drawings, paintings, clothing, sculpture, collages, photography, fascinating terracotta crafts, carvings, jewellery, drums, instruments, potteries, textile crafts and metal wares. Most of these products are a perfect mix of traditional designs and modern techniques. Due to their diversity in designs and being utilitarian in nature, they are high in demand. For detailed information on Arts and Crafts, please visit Kenya Crafts

Tranquil Safaris provides you with an online directory to the most prominent Kenya Arts and Crafts Galleries.
1. AK crafts corner

Phone Contacts: 041 2316844

2. African contemporary Art collection ltd
Mukinduri Rd, Nairobi
Phone Contacts: 020 890721

3. Art craft
Africa building Ground floor, Moi ave
Phone Contacts: 041 2226233

4. Collectors Den
Hilton hotel bldg, samba st
Phone Contacts: 020 226990,230594

5. Cross-culture craft ltd
Merchantile House Koinange st
Phone Contacts: 020 218505

6. Exclusive Kenya handicraft
Karen shopping centre,
Phone Contacts: 020 882365, 882493

7. Lamu shell & crafts
Samburu Rd, Mombasa
Phone Contacts: 041 2220740

8. Maru Art gallery
20th century Plaza
Phone Contacts: 020 224621

9. Mombasa Art centre
Calton House, Moi ave
Phone Contacts: 041 225218

10. Pendeza Weaving
Phone Contacts: 057 20882589

11. Village Arts collections
Phone Contacts: 020 27123115

You can purchase Kenyan art pieces as well as handmade crafts from any of the above places.

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