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Aberdare National Park Safaris

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Aberdare National Park is located in the central highlands west of Mount Kenya, about 180 sq km from Nairobi via Nyeri. There are several gates, so distance varies depending on the gate you choose to use. From Nyeri; Treetops gate, 17km; Ruhuruini gate, 20km; Ark gate, 28km; Kiandongo gate, 30 km; wanders gate, 37km; White Mutubio gate is 50km from Naivasha.

Flora & Fauna of the Aberdares

The park is blessed with diverse fauna including Black Rhino, Giant forest Hog, Elephant, Leopard, Colobus monkey, Eland, the rare Bongo Antelope and 250 recorded bird species. Aberdare national park is also renowned for its moorland scenery, spectacular waterfalls and colourful flora.

How to get there

By Air: There is an Airstrip at Mweiga park headquarters
By Road: The park has several gates; the most popular is Treetops, the others are” Kiandongo gate and Mutubio gate. 4WD vehicles are recommended all year round.


The Fishing lodge comprises of 2 timber cabins near each other, located close to the banks of the Icharangathi River. Each cabin contains 3 bedrooms; 2 bedrooms with 1 double bed and 1 single bed and the third bedroom with 1 single bed.
The lodge has 2 en-suite bathrooms (hot water), a furnished sitting room, an open-plan dining area and well-equipped kitchen per cabin.

Alternative Accommodation

The Sapper Hut; located 10 km west of the fishing lodge offers comfortable accommodation during your safari.
The hut comprises of 2 room timber cabins situated on a bluff beside a waterfall; it has one bedroom with 2 single beds; a small sitting room, an outside latrine and washhouse with running water which can be heated via a wood-burning stove. The Cabin provides a mattress only.
Tusk camp: 
The amp is located 2 km from Ruhuruini gate; set in a forest with 2 accommodation cabins, each containing 4 single beds.
In addition, there is an unfurnished aluminium hut available for use of domestic staff and drivers. Tusk camp has a washroom with lavatory and hot shower, simple sitting room with dining chairs and a well-stocked kitchen. Provided are the caretaker and kerosene lamps.

Aberdare Safari Attractions

  • Colourful flora including moorland
  • Fauna includes Elephants, Lions, Eland, Buffaloes
  • Waterfalls
  • River Icharangathi.
  • Birds.

Aberdare Safari Activities

  • Trout fishing (fishing licenses available at the park gate)
  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Nature walks
  • Scenic viewing
  • Provided: Caretaker, Kerosene lamps, pillows, blankets, bed linen, mosquito nets, towel, toilet tissue, soap.
  • Note: The Park is open daily, 6:00 am-7:00pmincluding public holidays.
    No entry is allowed on foot and visitors will not be allowed entry after 6:15 pm.
  • Entry charges
    Entry is by smartcard only; cards can be obtained and loaded only at the park headquarters at Mweiga, near Treetops gate.
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